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When it comes to paying employees, keeping track of complex laws and the IRS have made the payroll function a time consuming process for many businesses. We stay current with ever-changing tax law, both federal and state.  It’s just part of the service we provide.

We know when it comes to payroll services there is not one size that fits all. Reliable Number Management offers payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs and enables you to spend time doing what you do best- running your company. 


We provide online access for employers as well as their employees.

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payroll side by side.png

To view the functionality of these online services, you can watch the following video tutorials.


Employer portal:

Employee mobile app:


Payroll services include:

  • Your payroll checks prepared and printed on-time, every-time or the ability to print payroll checks on your own company printer or in our office

  • Free Direct Deposits for employees and contractors

  • Worry Free IRS and State tax filings as well as tax payments.

  • User friendly, and easy to understand monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports, including W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms.

  • Time tracking on your employee's vacation, sick days, and personal day accruals.

  • Special services- garnishments and child support

  • Creation and filing of the required new hire reports

  • Your payroll records maintained in tip top shape


Payroll Pricing starts with a flat base monthly fee, then a per employee fee depending on the services needed. Please contact us for a Quote.

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